Last updated on April 26th, 2018

Information about the Service

Melbourne ISP operates a high performance Fixed Wireless network based in Melbourne, Victoria. These services primarily serve Ravenhall, VIC and the immediately surrounding suburbs. It is suitable for any residential or business in the area looking for high-speed internet access, and is especially ideal for any business experiencing speed, availability or reliability problems with their current ADSL or nbn™ connections.

All of our wirelessFibre plans come with unlimited downloads/uploads and a static IP address. All prices quoted on the website include GST unless otherwise stated.

Requirements and Availability

In order to maintain a high standard of service to both existing and new customers, it is mandatory to have a site-survey completed at the premises where the service is to be located, if we believe a connection may be possible based on the location of the premises. This allows us to determine if the install classifies as a ‘standard’ installation, along with the feasibility of supplying a connection to the premises. Non-standard installations are still possible, and in the event that your premises does not meet the requirements of a standard installation, we will provide a quote for a customised non-standard installation.

Customers are required to supply their own router to use with the wirelessFibre Broadband Service. Melbourne ISP does supply routers at a extra cost, our staff are contactable for up to date recommendations if you do want to purchase your own equiptment. Please note these recommendations do not constitute any guarantee(s) regarding the recommended equipment.

It is important to be aware of certain factors that can negatively influence the perceived performance of your wirelessFibre Service, such as:

  • Interference with the wireless signal
  • Loss of line of site from customer radio equipment to the Uniscope wireless tower.
  • Congestion outside of the Melbourne ISP network (eg. An overloaded website, overloaded video streaming service, etc).
  • Performance limitations of the devices using the wirelessFibre Service (eg. Mobile phone, tablet, PC, Router, etc).

Minimum Term

All of Melbourne ISP’s wirelessFibre Services have a fixed minimum term equal to the length of the contract term selected:

  • No Commitment = No minimum term
  • 12 month contract = 12 month minimum term
  • 24 month contract = 24 month minimum term
  • 36 month contract = 36 month minimum term

Information about Pricing

Monthly Charges

Plan Name Contract Term Service Type Monthly Fee Activation Fee Total Minimum Price (inc. activation install fee)
wirelessFibre 25Mbps 24 Months Residential $49.95 $199.00 $1,397.80
wirelessFibre 25Mbps 12 Months Residential $59.95 $299.00 $1,018.40
wirelessFibre 25Mbps No Term Residential $59.95 $399.00 $458.95
wirelessFibre 50Mbps 24 Months Residential $89.95 $199.00 $2,357.80
wirelessFibre 50Mbps 12 Months Residential $99.95 $299.00 $1,498.40
wirelessFibre 50Mbps No Term Residential $99.95 $399.00 $498.95
wirelessFibre 100Mbps 24 Months Residential $119.95 $199.00 $3,077.80
wirelessFibre 100Mbps 12 Months Residential $129.95 $299.00 $1,858.40
wirelessFibre 100Mbps No Term Residential $129.95 $399.00 $528.95
wirelessFibre 25Mbps 24 Months Business $69.95 $199.00 $1,877.80
wirelessFibre 25Mbps 12 Months Business $79.95.00 $299.00 $1,258.40
wirelessFibre 25Mbps No Term Business $89.95 $399.00 $488.95
wirelessFibre 50Mbps 24 Months Business $149.95 $199.00 $3,797.80
wirelessFibre 50Mbps 12 Months Business $159.95 $299.00 $2,218.40
wirelessFibre 50Mbps No Term Business $169.95 $399.00 $568.95
wirelessFibre 100Mbps 24 Months Business $199.95 $199.00 $4,997.80
wirelessFibre 100Mbps 12 Months Business $209.95 $299.00 $2,818.40
wirelessFibre 100Mbps No Term Business $219.95 $399.00 $618.95

Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fee for all Fixed Wireless services is the remaining value of the full contract term at the time of cancellation.

Other Information

Usage Information

Please contact us for usage information regarding your connection (refer to Customer service details).

Customer service details

For all support/sales/accounts enquiries please ring 1300 798 564 or email . Support hours are from 9AM – 5PM AEST, or during critical outages.

Dispute Resolution

For all disputes relating to your service, refer to the following complaints process as documented on our website at If you are unsatisfied with the outcome after following the complaint handling process, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman at 1800 062 058 or by visiting, for independent mediation.